Hiring Funnel In Notion

Hire like never before with Notion as a no-fuss hiring solution!

Hiring Funnel In Notion

In 2021 there are dozens of different software solutions out there to hire folks. Most are powerful with all the features you could ask for but depending on your needs might have more than you want!

In this guide we'll walk you through how to set up a simple, light weight, application tracking system using Notion.

We'll also share a pre-built template you can use (we don't mind! 😉). That way you can get started right away!

In this article we'll cover.

  1. What is Notion?
  2. What is an Application Tracking System
  3. How to track applications in Notion?
  4. Example Notion Application Tracking System

What is Notion?

Notion is an online collaboration tool that provides easy to edit canvas for your team. It can be used for almost anything involving sharing notes and planning with your team. Think Google Docs on steroids!

Notion is an online collaboration tool for teams. 

What is an Application Tracking System (ATS)?

An application tracking system is used to track candidates in the hiring process. You can set up the process as you want and move candidates through the stages as you interview them.

Most Application Tracking Systems also provide tools like, automatic interview scheduling, tools to source candidates, and shared notes & documents with your colleagues.

There are many providers of ATS systems on the market and most cost around $300 / months for a starter license.

How to track applications in Notion?

Notion provides excellent tools for you to set up a basic application tracking system (it ain't bad if it gets the job done 🤷‍♂️).

Feel free to copy the ATS system we set up and then keep reading to understand how to customize it yourself! Here's a link to our ATS system.

Set up you Application Tracking system in Notion

First, create new Board View. This is the best view to add and track candidates along a hiring process.

Create a Board - Full page view on a new Notion page.

Now, you need to define what the steps are in the hiring process. We use a hiring pipeline that focuses on assessing both soft and hard skills.

You want to at least have an initial screening stage and a chance to check your candidates technical skills (sales, coding, marketing etc.) later in the process.

The most important thing is to assigns someone responsible for each candidate. This way no candidate will be forgotten and you ensure they are moved forward through the process at a good speed.

We like to have one owner for all of them who is responsible for.

  1. Moving candidates through system.
  2. Scheduling interviews.
  3. Communication with candidate. Don't forget to be transparent about the process with a candidate but also make them excited about joining!
  4. Collecting notes and sharing back to team for final decision.

Example Notion Application Tracking System

Instead of building it all from scratch you can use our system. We know your time is valuable!

Here is a template workspace based on how early stage tech. companies hire.

Simply go here and duplicate the workspace. Note: You need to have a Notion account first (don't worry, they have a free tier).

When you create new applications you we've already provided a template you can use to add new candidates! (You will see this once you've duplicated the workspace).

Now you're all ready to go! 🤘

If this was helpful and you want us to describe how to automate the entire process write us a line and we'll put together a guide to it as well!

Key Takeaways

An application tracking system is used to track all the people who applied for your open positions.

There are many tools out there to accomplish this. However, most of them probably have more features than you need if you are just starting out!

If you are already using Notion at your company, you can start out with a simple Notion system to track all the applicants. Don't forget to assign a person responsible for each candidate. You don't want to forget anyone! 😇